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With Your Help, We Can End Corruption, Lower Our Taxes, and Bring Jobs Back to Nassau County.

George's Plan For Nassau County


  • Ban ALL vendor contributions to elected officials and political parties

  • Appoint an Independent Inspector General and Procurement Director

  • Enact term limits and public campaign finance reforms

  • Corruption cannot be ended by those hand picked and beholden to Party Bosses, and Special Interests!


  • Fix the broken/rigged tax assessment system and lower property and school taxes for middle-income homes

  • Introduce tax breaks for seniors and veterans

  • Strengthen public safety and improve government services


  • Invest in infrastructure to improve LIRR and bus service

  • Increase transit oriented, affordable housing

  • Develop a new economy in biotech/biomed that generates high paying jobs

  • Increase opportunities for Veterans, Women, and Minorities


  • Improve water quality monitoring

  • Encourage renewable energy and recycling

  • Enact green procurement policies

Press Releases

Press Release
July 18, 2017

The New Weeds Of Corruption In Nassau County MINEOLA, NY- The latest Laura Curran campaign filing resembles a page straight out of the Ed Mangano GOP Corruption Pay to Play book. Legislator Curran, a candidate for County Executive, reported yesterday that she shamelessly solicited and accepted in excess of $300,000 ... Read More

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George Maragos is the elected Comptroller for Nassau County in New York, managing a budget of $3 Billion. He was re-elected for a second four-year term in November 2013. George has transformed government by operating the Comptroller’s office like a business, reducing spending, holding the line on taxes, encouraging economic growth policies and expanding opportunities for veteran, minority and women owned businesses. At the same time, George supported investment in essential services, infrastructure, public transportation, affordable housing, water quality and social services for the needy and the elderly.

Prior to government, George held various senior management positions in Management Consulting, Information Technology and Banking. He also founded SDS Financial Technologies, a growing organization providing financial information and online trading services to the financial industry for over 25 years.

George has an Electrical Engineering Degree from McGill University in Montreal and an MBA in Finance from Pace University in New York. He has been married to Angela for 43 years and they have two sons and three grandchildren.


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